Second Post

10 Aug 2016

I was away from SF for about a month, and during that time, I’ve made some improvements and additions to my website.

First, the spinning head on my home page is my favorite part. Did you notice that it changes direction each time you click on it? The internet is such a fun place. Also, I’ve finally added some content to the site. My Portfolio, Projects, and Brewing pages now have a bit more content in them.

I suppose nobody is going to want to read a blog about updates to a personal site that isn’t highly trafficked. What is new?

I just got home from a month away. I spent about 10 days on the east coast on vacation. Atlantic City is weird. I also spent about 4 weeks in Ireland. I was mainly there for work, but I did manage to get away and visit Cork, Dublin, and some of the local Belfast beaches. It was great to hang out with the Brewbot family for a few weeks.

Ryan in Dublin

There’s a photo of Ryan hanging out in Temple Bar, Dublin.